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Briefing is a marvelous magazine. If you don’t subscribe to it, I hope you will. – Tony Benn

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11 Responses to Subscriptions

  1. Veronica Ball says:

    I went to this page to give you a donation via PayPal (I already subscribe) So if I can donate on this page please let me know how
    Veronica Ball

  2. Chris says:

    Your policy of publishing only a few sample articles on your blog (effectively a paywall) is an ‘old media’ anachronism in my opinion. Corbynmania is raging and there is a crying need for a radical left voice to articulate socialist ideas and defend Corbyn, on a DAILY basis, against the vicious smears being hurled at him. You can reach potentially HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Labour members and the many more thinking about joining Labour, including in parties like the Greens etc.

    There is got to be another financial model for financing the publication other than a paywall. How about a paid subscription for receiving a specially formatted edition of Briefing optimised for tablets like the Guardian does?

    Time for a re-think?

    • Left_Admin says:

      Hi Chris, Interesting idea – we have just started an e-journal subscription, see above. It’s not a paywall here, more a situation of there being only one administrator of this site – one who has many other things to do. If you’d like to get more involved – please email us at the address on the contacts page.

      • Martin Upham says:

        Whatever the outcome of the leadership contest, the explosion of Labour membership means we are going to need something more frequent than Briefing, which has done a valuable job for so long. Though we are in a social media age there is still space for weeklies and I hope consideration will be given to launching something definitely left but broadly-based – perhaps with a cooperative ownership structure so that we can get the launch money from the new membership?

  3. Ray McHale says:

    Is anyone coming on the Manchester demo and bringing a load of Labour Briefings to sell? If not can I get some to sell? Happy to pay for a load up front if it is not more than the selling price.

  4. Joan Twelves says:

    Just paid you some money for a sub via paypal but nowhere does it ask for my address ??

  5. Stu says:

    You could consider a model like lwn use articles are available immediately to sponsors, but to everyone else after a delay.

  6. Faraz Khan says:

  7. Annette says:

    Your your blogroll needs fixing up! Islamophobia Watch takes me to a collection of gambling sites; Councillors Against Cuts is shown as a domain for sale, Harpy Marx is private; Paul Mason takes me to the BBC, where he no longer works; Owen Jones domain is also for sale; Mike Marqusee is also for sale; Leninology site doesn’t exist. Just joined, all the responses on this page are old, most recent from May last year and one from 2014

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