About Us

This website shows only a sample of the articles which appear in each Labour Briefing issue.  To obtain the publication please go to our subscriptions page.

About Labour Briefing

Labour Briefing is a independent voice and forum for socialist ideas in the Labour Party, Trade Unions and the wider left.

It is managed by an editorial board elected at its AGM and the LRC AGM. Both AGMs welcome all supporters. We are happy to offer a right of reply to all members of the labour movement and we welcome criticisms and contributions. All the articles in Briefing reflect solely the opinions of the authors, writing in a personal capacity, unless otherwise stated.

The current members of the Labour Briefing editorial board are:

Graham Bash
Mick Brooks
Sharon Connor
Simon Deville
Pete Firmin
Andrew Fisher
Ian Illett
Chris Knight
Norrette Moore
Gordon Nardell
Mike Phipps
Susan Press
Jackie Walker
Louise Whittle
John Wiseman

2 Responses to About Us

  1. Arti Sharma says:

    Was Corbyn ever on the editorial board?

  2. Arti Sharma says:

    Answer me

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