SNP Worried

Lauren Gilmour reports

On a wet September afternoon, socialists of all ages gathered in a Glasgow pub to watch the leadership election announcement. After riding high in opinion polls for weeks, being the only candidate to vote against the Tories’ draconian Welfare Bill and being bookies’ favourite to win, with one even paying out early, it seemed inevitable that Jeremy Corbyn would win.  But nobody imagined he would do quite so well.

The impact Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership will have on Scotland will be interesting. Firstly, it will deepen the ideological battle between class and nation based politics in Scotland. Labour supporters and members will now have a strengthened class based argument. The nationalists will see their nation based argument – of independence being the only way Scotland can achieve change – start to unravel as we face the 2020 General Election with a Labour Party whose leader is far to the left of Nicola Sturgeon.

The SNP will be worried. Their positioning to the left of Labour will be challenged as shown by Nicola Sturgeon’s reaction on Twitter after the result. This shows that the SNP is not a genuine party of the left –  consisting of nationalist opportunists who will put independence above everything.


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