Only the Beginning

Linda Clarke, Strathkelvin & Bearsden CLP,  urges us to organise, educate and democratise

We are “collectively depressed” because we lost the 2015 General Election. That is the explanation given by many politicians and their media pundits as to why hundreds of thousands of Labour members and supporters elected Jeremy Corbyn. Nothing could be further from the truth.

scottish_labourThe election of a socialist, Jeremy Corbyn, under the most unlikely and democratic of circumstances, reflects a change of thinking by a wider section of society. Corbyn’s vision and explanation that austerity and poverty are not inevitable or necessary has given hope and motivation to hundreds of thousands of Labour members and supporters.

Long before the election defeat, bubbling away under the surface, more and more people have been sickened by the effects of austerity and inequality. These have been made worse by the behaviour and policies of many of our politicians who claim to represent us. People, especially young people, are looking for an alternative and the socialist policies and ideals of Jeremy Corbyn have hit a chord.

However, a socialist alternative will not be welcomed by all sections of society. Even a very modest redistribution of power and wealth means less for the rich, and they will fight tooth and nail to prevent that. They will use everything at their disposal to discredit Corbyn and our policies.

How can we fight back?  We need to organise, educate and democratise! This election has uncovered a wealth of support that we must nurture and build into a democratic socialist movement for change that is unstoppable. This is only the beginning…. there is much work to be done.   The future is in our hands!

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