Diane Abbott urges us to support her for London Mayor – and Jeremy Corbyn for Leader

DianeI AM NOW ON THE SHORTLIST FOR LABOUR’S CANDIDATE FOR LONDON MAYOR. And, after unprecedented pressure from party members and activists, Jeremy Corbyn is on the ballot for the Labour Party leadership contest. The shortlisting of Jeremy and myself is the curtain raiser for a summer of campaigning. What is at stake is nothing less than the future of our party. Because now, more than ever, Labour needs a leadership which will fight for our people.

The most pressing issue facing us all is austerity. The Tory cuts will decimate both jobs and services. They want nothing less than to dismantle the public sector and widen inequality. There has been a great deal of talk about ‘aspiration’ in the Labour Party recently. But austerity will crush the aspirations of a generation of young people. I look forward to fighting alongside Jeremy as the only mayoral candidate who is anti-austerity.

We also have to be prepared to go into battle against the welfare cap and the cuts in welfare which are hitting the disabled and our most vulnerable fellow citizens. And we have to be prepared to be vigilant about civil liberties and the secret state. Government ministers have recently admitted that Jeremy, I and others have been under surveillance for years.

StopWe will continue to campaign for left activists, environmental campaigners, trade unionists and other to have access to their files and find out who authorised this surveillance on their fellow citizens.

Very many in our communities want us to take a stand on peace and to campaign against UKIP and the toxic anti-immigrant culture which has infected Westminster and the media.

These are all vital issues not only for London but also the entire country. I was proud to be one of the first to nominate Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership of the Labour Party and look forward to a summer of campaigning shoulder to shoulder with him against austerity and for a better future for our country.


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Twitter: @DianeForLondon

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