All Out For Labour! – Hastings & Rye

By Sarah Owen, Labour PPC for Hastings & Rye


SarahOwenLike the former Labour MP for Hastings & Rye Michael Foster, I have serious concerns about Trident and I also fail to see the need to renew our nuclear programme like-for-like. This is partly down to my own personal values. I prefer to invest money on more positive things for our society rather than spending money in preparation for a day that I believe will never come. A separate British nuclear weapon system like Trident is being seen as increasingly redundant – especially in an era when the West already has a massive nuclear arsenal.

But this is also a pragmatic decision, because we live in a different world and the nature of war has changed. When these nuclear programmes were envisaged, war was very much state versus state, bloc versus bloc and army versus army. This is no longer the situation we face. Sadly, it is more often the case that war involves civilian populations and non-state militants where Mutually Assured Destruction is not a useful deterrent.

Clearly if we do not renew Trident, there will be consequences for their workforce. My great great-grandfather was a shipbuilder in the North East and I know the devastation that losing an industry can do to an area. So any moves to scale down or end the Trident programme should work with the local community to find an alternative industry to offset the jobs lost. That will be no easy task, but it can be done.

Campaign office telephone number: 01424 424125
Twitter: @SarahOwen_

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