All out for Labour

Katy Clark for North Ayrshire and Arran

THE GENERAL ELECTION polling for Labour in Scotland since the referendum has been appalling and shows that there has been a real surge to the SNP in the polls, which has been accompanied by a huge increase in their membership base. There are almost no safe Labour seats in Scotland now, and we have a real fight on our hands to keep what we have.

KatyClarkeWith the General Election predicted to be exceptionally close, the campaign in Scotland might be the deciding factor for the whole of the United Kingdom. The number of Labour seats in Scotland could make the difference between a Tory or Labour government. And the loss of Scottish Labour MPs could risk another five years of Tory rule and all that means for working people across these islands.

One consolation has been that on the doorsteps many people seem genuinely
undecided, and could be won over to a Labour vision that is bold and radical. I will
be campaigning on my record of voting against austerity, war and Trident and in
favour of redistributive taxation, fully funded public services and improved employment and trade union rights.

To get that message out to enough of the undecided will be a huge challenge. So every
volunteer who can deliver leaflets, doorknock or telephone canvass could genuinely
make the difference – and help prove that Scottish Labour can offer a genuine alternative, and one that will be won with comrades from across the UK.

Campaign Email:
Twitter: @KatyClarkMP

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