Hull Red Labour

Gill Kennett and Dean Kirk were indefinitely suspended from the ruling Hull
Labour Group for voting against a cuts budget. This was the policy the entire
Labour Group was elected on in 2011. Gill Kennett explains what happened next…

A NUMBER OF MONTHS AGO DEAN AND I found ourselves in the position of not being able to work within the restrictions of the party we belonged to. We felt that not offering a credible alternative at a national level to this government’s neoliberal agenda – and appearing to ‘roll over’ and accept it at a local level – were not the actions of true representatives of the people.

hullDuring the time since we became independent, we have undertaken the process required to form our own party. Initially we felt that using the name Hull Independent Labour Group was the necessary first step as this was indeed what we were. We have now decided upon the name Hull Red Labour (HRL) as we feel that it says exactly what we are. We have constantly stated that we have always been Labour in that we espouse and embrace true Labour and true socialist values and will continue to do so.

HRL will stand in the next local elections; HRL will work with other colleagues who are on the left and who are committed to challenging this right wing ‘price of everything and value of nothing’ mentality; HRL will listen to the people of this city.

We can’t sit back and do nothing, we have to fight for the future generations who do not deserve to inherit the deprivation and lack of rights that are being inflicted upon them. They deserve people to evidence that they are indeed cared about and that we have huge concerns about the legacy we will leave them. Most of all, they deserve to experience that ‘something’ that, until recently, many of us possessed unquestioningly – and sadly now, many of us are in danger of losing – they need to experience hope.

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One Response to Hull Red Labour

  1. Colin worrall says:

    I’m thinking of joining your selfs would you get intouch.

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