Peterborough City Hospital – Demo

Please see the attached flyer and distribute it to your members, in your workplace and amongst your friends.

Peterborough City Hospital has been described as the worst example of a PFI scheme in the UK. In some ways it’s the best, because it shows very clearly what a disaster PFI has been. The Trust responsible for the hospital has recently announced that, in order to cover the huge debt caused by PFI, there will be cuts to services, jobs will be lost and the Government will be asked to cough up £40 million a year to keep the hospital going.

Join us outside Peterborough Museum, Priestgate, Peterborough at 11am on Saturday 6 July to protest against this insanity.

Crisis at Peterborough City Hospital
Cuts to Services! Job Losses! Endless Debt!
Saturday 6 July 2013
Gather outside the Museum, Priestgate, Peterborough
and march through the city to Laxton Square
for a protest rally.
Defend PCH!
Defend the NHS!
Our health is not for profit!

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