Labour Youth Conference

Max Shanly reports:

MaxIt would be wrong for me to say that Young Labour has ever been truly a pluralist body. Influence on elections and policy has for the most part always been held by the right wing of the Party. Yet on 21st February 2013 the tide turned, and for the better.

Five out of seven left activists (including three LRC members, myself included), of all different shades of red, were elected to the Young Labour national committee as regional representatives on pledges for a more open, democratic and campaigning Young Labour. This, coupled with the unions selecting left activists of their own to fill their positions on the national committee, instantly gives the left a small majority.

Labour Youth Conference is being held on 2nd to 3rd March in Leicester, and for once the young left will be displaying some form of unity that the ‘old’ left seem to struggle with. Activists will be campaigning to win the remaining positions on the committee, including the LRC’s own Kate Taylor who is running for Chair. And while the hard right, or ‘moderates’ as they wish to be known, will fight back, they will struggle to win all the available positions on the day.

For the left, this is not about positions or career ambitions, but changing the Party and thus the country for the better. Through the powerful advocacy of socialism, we seek to provide a solution to the crisis in which so many young people live.

Let’s hope we can.

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