Unite General Secretary Election: Len McCluskey

Unite for Len! Martin Mayer, Unite United Left Chair, explains why they are backing Len McCluskey in the General Secretary election.

United Left, which holds a strong majority on Unite’s Executive Council, is backing a General Secretary election to give Len McCluskey a new five year mandate.

Len McClusky

Photo: Jason N Parkinson

This will give us time to complete the merger and make Unite “fit for purpose”. It also delays the next General Secretary election some two years after the 2015 General Election, avoiding a clash which would invite outside interference. This is an astute political decision by United Left to maximise Len’s term of office and embed the left in our new union.

Len’s record over his first two years in office has been an extraordinary success. Together with a left Executive we are building the best and biggest fighting back union in Britain and Ireland.

Here are just some of Len’s achievements:

  • Real leadership in the fight against austerity. Unite’s message is clear: “no to all cuts – don’t make workers pay for the crisis”
  • Real progress in branch reorganisation to create workplace branches
  • £25 million dispute fund set up
  • Major resources devoted to our highly successful Leverage strategy in disputes
  • A genuine fighting back strategy that is seeing real wins for Unite workers when they take strike action
  • Community membership introduced – a first in the union movement
  • 50,000 new members from a relaunched 100% campaign
  • Plans for a new conference/training centre in Birmingham city centre
  • New fightback in the Labour Party – no more blank cheques!
  • New e-comms strategy giving Unite the best website and member contact in the union movement
  • Membership data systems overhauled and simplified
  • No repudiations of any dispute since Len took office
  • Root and branch review started of every Unite department to make it “fit for purpose”
  • A tolerant open and democratic union.

Len McCluskey’s popularity within Unite is riding high. A refreshed mandate for Len will strengthen Unite’s position as the leading union in the fight against austerity. That’s important not just for Unite members but for the movement as a whole.

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