LRC AGM Nov 2012

Conference endorsed the decision of the National Committee (NC3) to adopt Labour Briefing, following the Labour Briefing AGM voting to transfer to the LRC. This meant that motion 15 fell, and conference also voted down motion 16 (see resolutions booklet and below for full text of all motions).

Labour Briefing editorial board
Graham Bash, 77 votes – ELECTED
Graham Durham, 33 votes
Andrew Fisher, 76 votes – ELECTED
Stan Keable, 22 votes
Mike Phipps, 51 votes – ELECTED
John Wiseman, 40 votes

For full details of all candidates and those elected unopposed, see the Elections Booklet.


NC3 Labour Briefing –  LRC National Committee

That conference notes that at its 2012 AGM on 7 July, the readers of Labour Briefing voted to transfer the magazine to the LRC.

Conference notes that the LRC national committee agreed to adopt the magazine and to “maintain its pluralist traditions and coverage of Labour Party, trade union, social and international struggles” and to “broaden the base of Labour Briefing and help it to develop as a useful tool in organising the labour movement left”.

Conference notes that John McDonnell MP, LRC chair and longstanding Briefing columnist, said, “Now that the Briefing AGM has agreed to merge the journal with the LRC we all have a fantastic opportunity by working together to make this venture a real success.”

Conference welcomes the work done on Labour Briefing by the interim editorial board comprised of all previous members who wished to continue and six delegates from the LRC national committee.

Conference further welcomes the fact that subscriptions, sales and bulk orders have increased substantially since July and wishes this success to continue under the guidance of the editorial board elected at this conference and delegated from the national committee.

Conference agrees to the following constitutional amendment to formalise the LRC’s relationship with Labour Briefing:

After 10 insert:


11. The LRC shall host a magazine called Labour Briefing as agreed by the 2012 AGM of both Labour Briefing and LRC

12. The editorial board of the magazine shall be half elected by the AGM and half delegated from the National Committee

15. Title of Labour Briefing –  Labour CND

The magazine published by the LRC should no longer be called ‘Labour Briefing’. The LRC National Committee elected by this conference should select a new title

16. LRC National Officers –  Sussex LRC

This conference notes that time is a limited resource for us all, which has to be divided between home, work, the LRC and other interests. In this respect conference thanks all members and supporters for their commitment to the LRC.

This conference specifically acknowledges the hard work undertaken and considerable efforts made on behalf of the LRC by its National Officers, who carry out the duties and responsibilities of their offices in their spare time on an unpaid basis, often while also holding down demanding full or part-time jobs.

This conference recognises that the formalisation of a link with Labour Briefing adds a new dimension to the work of the LRC, which is bound to increase the demands placed upon those comrades involved in this area of the LRC’s work.

In order to ensure that neither any LRC National Officer nor any member of the Labour Briefing Editorial Board is placed under intolerable stress or undue pressure, and to preserve the high quality of the work carried out by all concerned, this conference agrees that, as a condition of accepting a national office of the LRC, any person so elected as a National Officer of the LRC be required to resign within three months from the Editorial Board of Labour Briefing.

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