Young Labour activists fight for democracy


Young left activists launch statement to campaign for Young Labour to respect the democratic conference mandate on the housing campaign.

“We want to see Young Labour be a dynamic, democratic youth movement – and we want to see conference policy carried out.

We feel that the decision to make Young Labour Conference 2012 a policy-making event was a good step forward in making Young Labour the kind of organisation which is needed to secure the future of our movement.

However, we are disappointed that much of the important policy voted on by conference has not been put into the campaign materials produced by the NC.

We urge the NC to fulfil their full mandate and in particular to revise the YL campaign materials to reflect the following policies, which were passed at conference and are missing from the materials:

1) The demand for the building of one million publicly owned council homes.
2) The demand for the end of the “right to buy” council homes.
3) The demand for the compulsory purchase or seizure of empty housing in areas of high homelessness.
4) The commitment to campaign to end anti-traveller and anti-Roma racism and site clearances – and for the construction of sufficient and appropriate traveller sites – as part of the fight for appropriate housing for all”.

Signed by over 50 Young Labour members

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