Labour Briefing AGM votes to transfer to LRC

At its most packed AGM for several years, Labour Briefing supporters voted by the narrow margin of 44 to 37 for the magazine to be hosted by the Labour Representation Committee. After an impassioned debate, the AGM agreed with a motion put forward by Briefing EB member and LRC joint secretary Pete Firmin that merging with the LRC represented the best opportunity both to ensure the continued production of the magazine and to reach new layers of activists. The LRC is a growing organisation with several national union affiliates and over 1200 individual members. The merged magazine is now tasked with strengthening both Labour Briefing and the LRC, bringing the political capital of the LRC into Briefing to develop the influence of the magazine while maintaining the unique and pluralist traditions of Briefing.
Earlier in the day, the AGM heard from TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes, benefits activist and Briefing EB member Louise Whittle and John McDonnell MP on the unparalleled class war being waged by the Tory-led government on working people and the poor in this country. Andrew Burgin of the Greece Solidarity Campaign outlined how the austerity being imposed on the Greek people was a template for future attacks on people all over Europe. New delegations from among trade union and labour activists are being organised to express solidarity across national borders.
Owen Jones closed the meeting with a blistering attack on the double standards of the Government and a call to unite in the face of the onslaught. Despite the divisions in the AGM over the future of Briefing, the debate was good-tempered and constructive. Now the task is to work together to meet the unprecedented challenges facing our class.
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