UK Uncut takes action 05.02.2011

Louise Whittle reports:

Boots closed temporarily in Oxford Street, along with Dorothy Perkins and there was a mass sit-down protest outside Top Shop. It was 4th December, a day of action against tax cheats organised by UK Uncut. It was a great atmosphere – vibrant, lively, loud, dynamic and with young people leading the struggle.

Protesters engaged with people walking past the store, some pausing to watch the protest. As we explained why we were protesting, some were angry, some didn’t want to know and saw the protest as an inconvenience stopping them from shopping at Top Shop. Others were more interested. A group of women stopped and one of them asked what was happening. I told her Philip Green is a tax dodger. That made her angry: “I pay my taxes… Why can’t he?” she said (precisely!) and asked what other shops are involved in this tax dodge.

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