Unison conference

Stranger than fiction John Rogers reports:

Unison’s Conference delegates will assemble in Bournemouth in mid-June for a conference likely to seem even further removed from reality than is normally the case.

Motions and amendments submitted before the General Election will be debated in the new and unanticipated “ConDem” nation, while delegates wonder about the results of our General Secretary election (the ballot for which will have closed before Conference, but the result of which will be announced after the close of Conference).

It is not yet clear whether the National Executive Council will submit an emergency motion addressing the threat posed by the coalition Government – something which Unison members will surely expect our conference to address.

The conference can be expected to reaffirm support for public services and opposition to attacks on pay and pensions. The mood and determination of delegates may give an early indication of whether the rank and file will be able to hold the leadership to their conference rhetoric in practice.

Fringe highlights
All the main left fringe meetings are at the Premier Inn.
*United Left Rally with Paul Holmes and John McDonnell
7.30pm, Tuesday 15th June
(followed by social)
*Anti-Witch Hunt Rally
12.30pm, Wednesday 16th June
*Labour Representation Committee fringe
12.30pm, Thursday 17th June

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